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Is Optogenetic Activation of Vglut1-positive AB Low-Threshold Mechanoreceptors Sufficient to Induce Tactile Allodynia in Mice after Nerve Injury?

Alexander Chamessian, Megumi Matsuda, Michael Young, Michelle Wang, Zhi-Jun Zhang, Di Liu, Brielle Tobin, Zhen-Zhong Xu, Thomas Van de Ven, Ru-Rong Ji


Transcriptional Profiling of Somatostatin Interneurons in the Spinal Dorsal Horn

Alexander Chamessian, Michael Young, Yawar Qadri, Temugin Berta, Ru-Rong Ji, Thomas Van de Ven


Inactivation of Mechanically Activated Piezo1 Ion Channels Is Determined by the C-Terminal Extracellular Domain and the Inner Pore Helix

Jason Wu, Michael Young, Amanda H Lewis, Ashley N Martfeld, Breanna Kalmeta, Jorg Grandl


The spectral properties of (-)-epigallocatechin 3-O-gallate (EGCG) fluorescence in different solvents: dependence on solvent polarity

Vladislav Snitsarev, Michael Young, Ross M.S. Miller, David P. Rotella